Monday, June 1, 2015

Three Ways in Which I Fit the Cliche (52 Lolita Challenge)

Lolita cliches are one of those things that, on some level, exist for a reason. Many Lolitas tend to have very similar interests, and many additionally seek to "Lolita-fy" many other aspects of their lives, or come up with "Lolita" suitable hobbies and pastimes. And while you certainly don't need to fit any Lolita cliche at all if you don't want to (it's just clothes, after all!), I think that most people are able to find at least one part of themselves that fits the Lolita cliche in one way or another.

1. My hobbies

Sewing? Check. Embroidery? Check. Knitting and crochet? Check. Running a J-Fashion blog? Check. Baking overly complicated sweets? Triple check. Reading copious amounts of old "classic" literature and fairy tales? Check. It seems that many of the hobbies I liked before I even started Lolita are "Lolita-suitable", or at least fit the Lolita cliche to a T. Despite that, I think that I have my hobbies because I enjoy them, rather than because they're "Lolita-suitable" or not.

2. My aesthetic

A room decor spread from the Gothic Lolita Bible (Volume 5)

I have a very distinct taste when it comes to room decor and my personal aesthetic, and that is room decor straight out of a Gothic Lolita Bible circa 2001. Cheesy bat shaped room rug? Love it! Velvet-draped book shelves? Would totally do it. Seriously--when I have a place of my own, I'm going to have so much fun doing the decor for it and making it into that slightly-old-school, elegant little palace I've always wanted to live in.

3. I enjoy anime

While you certainly don't need to like anime (or any other Japanese media, for that matter) in order to be Lolita, I find that it's definitely a Lolita cliche to enjoy anime. And while I know plenty of Lolitas who don't care for it at all, I think it's also something that's expected of you when you mention wearing Lolita fashion. As a subset, lots of my favorite series are the series that reflect a lot of "Lolita-esque" aesthetics, such as Rozen Maiden and Black Butler.

What about you? What are some Lolita cliches out there that you've found you fit? Do you think that the cliches exist for a reason, or are more arbitrary? Next week, I plan on doing a post on the ways that I don't fit the cliche--so please keep an eye out for that! Until then, still frilly.

The post above was a response to the Lolita 52 Week Challenge made by the ever so delightful Caro over at FYeahLolita.

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