Friday, March 13, 2015

Project Post: Heart Apron pattern from Gothic Lolita Bible 3 (Altered)

Every once in a while, I decide that I will actually finish one of the many Lolita projects I've started sewing. And sometimes, it actually turns out pretty damn good! Last Fall, I snatched up the third volume of the Japanese Gothic Lolita Bible, because I fell in love with one of the patterns in it--a heart shaped apron from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

The problem is, GLB patterns are most definitely not made for someone my size. No problem, I thought to myself. It's just a matter of extending the waistband a little, and altering how the straps work. I got this.

In the end, it didn't turn out half bad! But I definitely think I'll have some things to change if/when I make a second one... Mainly in the size of the heart bib, which I'll make noticeably larger. Other than that, I really love how it turned out! Check out some detail pictures down below.

So what sewing projects has everyone else done lately? Have you ever altered a pattern from a GLB or other Japanese sewing mook? Have a favorite pattern to share? I'd love to hear your guys' input down in the comments section. Until next time!


  1. Hello Sara, I have the same volume and was wondering where you got the translations for the pattern tutorial?

    1. Hello Demi,

      Unfortunately, I didn't translate the pattern tutorial at all. I used my rudimentary hirigana/katakana skills to determine what each piece was individually, looked at the provided pictures, and figured out how to put it together myself from there. I don't know enough kanji to make translating the directions possible (yet)... I'm sorry I can't be more help! If you get stuck on the pattern, I can try and help you out.

    2. thats really awesome Sara! I'll make sure to ask if I have any details, just getting ready for a valentines day meetup!

    3. hey Sara!
      I'm kind of unsure in the materials what they mean by braid or blade? Do you know what that is.

    4. They probably mean a braid trim; they're probably referring to the eyelet lace decorating the interior of the heart!

    5. Nice! Thanks Sara, was there a site where you got the really pretty lace from, out here people don't seem to have a lot of fancy laces.

    6. I got my lace from JoAnn Fabrics, if I remember correctly--but they don't seem to have it on their site anymore! I bought it AGES ago, as well, and it doesn't look like they still carry it... Sorry!!!

      I highly recommend buying your lace online, though--it's much cheaper (usually), and there's a wider variety to choose from. Amazon and eBay both have a surprisingly vast array of laces to choose from! The kind of lace I used here was "eyelet lace" (for a search term). The lace the ribbon loops through is sometimes referred to as lace beading, or ribbon lace; it often comes with a ribbon already threaded through it, but you can remove it with minimal difficulty if the color doesn't match what you like.

      Hope that helped!