Friday, November 18, 2016

Lolitafying Things in my Everyday Life (52 Lolita Challenge)

One of the terms that immediately comes to mind when I see the word “Lolitafying” is “Lifestyle Lolita”. And I always have to ask myself if I really am a Lifestyler. Certainly, a lot of my interests and aesthetics align quite nicely with Lolita. I sew, I enjoy antiquing, and I adore the extravagant flair of Victorian and Rococo furniture and clothes. I would love nothing more than to deck out my entire dwelling in dark frills and lace (which is something I’m working on, but that’s a topic for another post).

But I always arrive at the answer of “no”, because being a Lolita 24/7, and wearing Lolita every day, would simply be absolutely exhausting. Some days, I just want to wear a pair of leggings or hang around in sweatpants. But I do like to keep that Lolita spirit with me, and so some everyday things have undoubtedly been affected by my adoration for Lolita.

1. My Desktop

Let’s start with something simple: my desktop, both at work and on my personal computer, have an undoubtedly Lolita-esque flair to them. I usually have it set to a picture of Mana-sama, especially if I liked the most recent Moitie photoshoot in a GLB. Other options include decidedly (Gothic) Lolita-friendly bands and performers (Kanon Wakeshima, Kalafina, Babymetal, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, and plenty of others), prints (my Facebook banner has been set to Moitie’s Silent Moon print for ages because of my love of the print), character artwork (such as Kuromi or Nyanpire, or even characters from shows like Rozen Maiden). Brands’ new-release photoshoots and promotional art (especially any of Yoh’s work for Alice and the Pirates) are also some of my favorite sources for desktop artwork.

Considering I used to be the person who didn’t give two figs about what on the background of my computer desktop and just kept it as “default”, this was actually significant for me. One thing’s for sure—nothing gives you a bit of a “bump” towards the Lolita side of things like opening up a computer screen to see Mana-sama gazing back at you.

2. My musical taste

Kanon Wakeshima's cover art for the "Suna no Oshiro" single

Lolita is certainly tied into Visual Kei bands (hell, Mana-sama is arguably the founder of Gothic Lolita and he formed it as a part of his stage presence). And it only takes a quick google search to find several threads of people asking for suggestions for “Lolita” musical artists.

And… well, I’ve come to really have a soft spot for them.

While my musical tastes are still all over the place and I certainly enjoy American bands just as much (my girlfriend will vouch that my love of Fall Out Boy probably requires some kind of counseling), there’s something about sitting down and putting on some Kanon Wakeshima or Malice Mizer that just puts you in a Lolita mindset. My music taste has forever been Lolitafied.

3. My décor

A ruffled duvet cover like this one from Philly Linens (link) is an awesome way to Lolify your decor quickly and easily.

While my sense of what I liked and didn’t like aesthetically has more or less always included antiques and ornate furniture, it really only solidified once I’d become interested in Lolita fashion. My love of ruffles, in particular, was greatly impacted by my interest in Lolita fashion (which I find especially ironic a few months back; my mother mentioned that I “wasn’t a ruffles type a person” to a family member, which made me about die of laughter at its inaccuracy — if she only knew the ruffly monstrosity of a duvet cover I had in the mail at the time!).

My Lolita wardrobe also doubles as a "decor" piece on its own. My purses are all displayed on a shelf; I usually have a dummy wearing a coordinate displayed in one corner; I keep some pieces of jewelry and accessories out; my Gothic Lolita Bibles are proudly displayed on an entire bookshelf of their own.

As I've begun purchasing my own furniture and buying my own home decor, I've gravitated towards decidedly more extravagant styles than I had previously. I've upgraded from a relatively boxy dresser to one with a carved front, and changed the plain dresser mirror into a baroque-styled round one hung on the wall. My bedside table has Queen Anne style legs, and instead of a traditional bedside lamp, I've got an electric candelabra. I've switched out traditional hardware on my furniture for carved silver roses. I've created a ruffly slip cover for an otherwise normal computer chair desk.

My décor has started to compliment my love of ruffles, rather than coexist with it—and that’s something I absolutely adore about the Lolification process.

4. My general sense of fashion (outside of Lolita)

Alice and the Pirates Rose Frill Grosgrain headbow (and similar styled headbows) are easily used in a "normie" wardrobe.

Given that I tend to wear “normie” clothes to the office (lately it’s been a lot of leggings and tunics or black jeans with sweaters), it can be hard to “Lolify” what I wear when I’m out of frills. But I’ve found a few ways to make use of items in my Lolita closet: accessorizing.

I’ll wear “normal” clothes, and use accessories from my Lolita wardrobe. I may use a violin-shaped purse for a conversation piece, or a brand headbow to get some more wear out of it and up the "cute" factor of an otherwise boring outfit. One of my favorite barrettes was originally purchased to wear solely in Lolita coordinates, and has since become a go-to when I feel my bangs will get in the way that day (I’m actually debating buying an extra one specifically to keep at work for the days I forget to wear it!). Basically, if I can find a use for Lolita clothes in my normal, day-to-day clothing needs, I’ll try to incorporate them and get the most bang for my buck. Besides… That means that even when I’m not decked head to toe in frills, I can at least have a bit of a pick-me-up from wearing something I really love.

What about you? What are some ways you bring Lolita into your everyday life? Or maybe you prefer to “stealth” your Lolita and pull a complete 180 when you wear your frills! I’d love to hear about your Lolitafication in the comments section below. Until next time—stay frilly, my friends.

The post above was a response to the Lolita 52 Week Challenge made by the ever so delightful Caro over at FYeahLolita.

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  1. Such a lovely post *^_^*

    I gotta get a poofy and frilly duvet cover like that, currently got a rose-themed one. Maybe at some point.

    In my life lolita and love for aesthetics is visible in many ways, like in our apartment in small details and like in my phone cover. It pushed through in everything! Well I like cute, classic historical and elegant gothic stuff anyways. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ~