Thursday, January 15, 2015

Frillyroses' 2015 Wardrobe Post


Hello there! It's Wardrobe Post time again on EGL, and I've finally gotten around to doing my 2015 wardrobe post. Some items I wear with Lolita are missing, since they're either back at home or I forgot to take pictures of them, but this is by and large a comprehensive collection of my Lolita-specific wardrobe!!!

I've gotten a lot of items I'm very proud of this year, too, so I'm excited to share my collection! Hope everyone enjoys it! If you've done a wardrobe post this year, I'd love it if you would share it with me down in the comments!

Blouses and Cutsews

1 3

Custom Anna House blouse (left), Baroque Abandoned Night blouse (right)

4 8

Custom Lady Sloth blouse (left), Torrid cutsew (right)

5 72

All English Charm blouses


Dear Celine Princess Sleeve and Lace blouse


9 10

Baroque Abandoned Night skirt (left), Meta Moonlight Night skirt (right)

11 12

Rose Melody Chandelier skirt (left), Selfmade skirt (right)


13 14

Self-designed English Charm JSK (left), Meta Raschel Lace Shirring JSK (right)

15 16

Both BTSSB Shirring Princess JSKs

17 18

Both Bodyline (L445 and L348)

19 20

Lady Sloth Baroque Lady JSK (left), Bodyline L379 (right)

21 22

Lady Sloth Clock JSK (left), Meta lucky pack JSK (right)

23 24

Cherie Cerise Queen of Bats JSK (left), offbrand JSK off eBay (right)

One Pieces

25 26

Lady Sloth Winter Cemetery long-sleeved OP (left), Bodyline "Antique Clock" L304 (right)

27 28

Unknown Meta OP (left), Krad Lanrete Phantom of the Opera OP (right)


29 30

Selfmade velvet and rose lace cape (left), Ichigo15 Bat Capelet (right)


Lady Sloth bolero

32 33

Lady Sloth coat with corset laced back (left) and detachable capelet (right); selfmade collar and muff set (right)

Bags/Purses and Parasols


Loris Bat Bag (top left), selfmade trunk bag (top right), Lady Sloth violin bag (lower left), Dysfunctional Doll bat coffin bag (lower right)

35 36 Iron Gate bag (left), Dysfunctional Doll and Loris bag reposts BTSSB Usakumya Rucksack (I also have the pochette, which isn't pictured), AATP tote, Ciciworks full size witch hat, AATP collapsable parasol.


Offbrand Chandelier parasol (left), Meta Crown Rose Parasol (right)



Celtic Dawn Triquenta necklace; Offbrand pentacle necklace; Apple Pie Pin Ups skeleton hand clips; bat skull brooch; English Charm black rose brooch; Bonjour Honey Star clips x2; Offbrand bat necklaces x2


(My rectangle headdress collection!)
Baroque (on skull); (top to bottom) Bodyline x2, Selfmade x2, Innocent World, Antique Beast x2


English Charm Bonnet (top) and round headdress (on skull), HeartE headbow (left), Offbrand wristcuffs; F+F sock toppers;  Bodyline Rose Headdress (by skull) and black lace gloves; self altered beret; offbrand shawl.


Reve Lullaby Kitty hat (top), Bodyline white lace gloves; Ciciworks mini crown, mini hat, blue bow, mini witch hat, and headdress (on skull); Altered pentagram rose corsags (in middle) from Fox Cherry.


Bonnet is altered Meta; rest is all Ciciworks


Haenuli Bonnet

My Holy Grail


What's a true old school wardrobe without these beauties? Vivienne Westwood's original RHS

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