Monday, June 22, 2015

My First Meetup (Lolita 52 Challenge)

My first meetup was something of an anomaly. I'd been involved with my local Comm via Facebook for quite a while at that point (and was actually made a mod only a few months later). We decided to have a swap meet, in order to get some new pieces for the new girls and to help do a bit of closet cleaning sans trips to the post office for some of the other girls.

And, in the end, the actual swapping part of the swap meet was a complete and utter flop! Less than half of the girls who had RSVPed ended up attending (mostly due to travel issues, since we held the meet outside the main city in our state), and it was simply a bit of a small get-together to really constitute a true swap meet (though my friend sheep-prince picked up some awesome wardrobe additions, and I really enjoy seeing them). Despite the less-than-stellar turnout, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons, and went out for a nice dinner afterwards to chat and have some fun.

In the end, I left with a couple purchases, snatched up a couple sewing projects for a friend, and got to know my Comm members in person for the first time--so even if it didn't turn out the way we planned, it was a whole lot of fun!

Though not my first meetup, this picture is from the second meetup I attended with my Comm--and the second that I helped to organize.

What about you? What did you do on your first meet? When did you first help organize a meet? Do you prefer to plan meetups in meticulous detail, or just provide a loose framework and have fun with it? Please share down in the comments. Until next week!

The post above was a response to the Lolita 52 Week Challenge made by the ever so delightful Caro over at FYeahLolita.

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