Monday, July 13, 2015

What my own Lolita Lifestyle is like (Lolita 52 Challenge)

When it comes to being a Lifestyle Lolita, I'm honestly not sure where I personally stand. On one hand, I do think that a lot of the Lolita aesthetic and stereotypical hobbies do line up quite nicely with what I enjoy. I love antique styled furniture, especially things with a Rococo or Baroque inspiration or twist. I love a variety of different crafts, from sewing to embroidery. and I absolutely adore books, with an especially noticeable weakness for Gothic novels.

In short, I just happen to fit the idea of what a "Lifestyle Lolita" might be like (albeit with more bats and black crepe than Rilakkuma plushes and pink chiffon). But I don't necessarily think of myself as a "Lifestyle Lolita".

For one, I wear other fashions besides Lolita, despite my love for it. I find wearing Dark Mori Kei-influenced clothes to be a lot easier at work and in day-to-day life than wearing a cupcake shaped petticoat that might inhibit movement. Free flowing skirts and layers are a bit more business appropriate.

So I think I consider myself something of a "Part Timer". My aesthetics and personality mesh well with Lolita, but real world practicality has to rear its ugly head and take away all of my fun! At least, for the moment being. I like to think that I'll someday have a job position that will allow me to wear Lolita to work a few days a week. And maybe, someday, that will actually happen.

But, for the moment, my Lifestyler choices are limited to my private life--in how I choose to dress in my free time (part Lolita, part Western Goth, park Dark Mori Kei, and part"screw it I'm just wearing Jack Skellington PJ pants") and how I decorate (equal parts "this-was-cheap-at-IKEA" and "I'm trying to repurpose this stuff I've had for ages by gothing it up a little", with the dream of one day being a Rococo Princess surrounded by wrought iron and carved wood). My hobbies are stereotypically Lolita, sure; but the thing is, I picked up these hobbies before I had any clue what Lolita even was, and liked them before; so I don't really consider them to be signs of me being a Lifestyler.

So, in short: While I don't consider myself a Lolita Lifestyler, I have a lot of things in common with them--and certainly would love to be friends with one! Maybe someday I'll feel like I can life up to the Lifestyler moniker, but until then--I'm more than happy with my "Goth" Lifestyle tag.

The post above was a response to the Lolita 52 Week Challenge made by the ever so delightful Caro over at FYeahLolita.

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