Thursday, July 16, 2015

Create a New Lolita Holiday (Lolita Blog Carnival)

When I saw this post prompt, I couldn't help it: I knew instantly what I wanted to make this about, and that is Rectangle Headdress Day.

Rectangle Headdress day is a day that Tumblr users mszombi, manda-the-stars-shine-bright and I came up with about two years ago to celebrate one of our favorite under-rated Lolita accessories: the rectangle headdress. Celebrated on the first Saturday of September, this is a Lolita holiday that celebrates three aspects of this accessory: its heritage as a unique accessory to Lolita fashion, its roots in old school Lolita, and its modernization.

Rectangle headdresses are one of my favorite accessories!
As a result, my collection of them is quite extensive.

Rectangle Headdress Day, like International Lolita Day, is simply an excuse to wear Lolita--with the only stipulation being  a challenge to wear a Rectangle Headdress in your coordinate. There are dozens of different kinds, and they're so versatile that it's almost impossible for you not to find something that would perfectly suit your coordinate.

Besides wearing a coordinate using a rectangle headdress, you could take this chance to connect with your inner Old School Lolita, or at least celebrate and recognize Lolita's roots in Old School. Take the day to do something that is especially "Lolita"-esque. Bake a cute shaped cake or macarons. Sew a skirt, or embroider a handkerchief. Watch Kamikaze Girls for the millionth time. Have afternoon tea with some of your comm members. Enjoy yourself and relish being involved with Lolita fashion!

While this holiday might not be the most detailed, and leaves a lot to the imagination of the one celebrating it, I feel like that's half the fun--because it lets us celebrate one of Lolita's most flexible accessories in the most flexible way possible!

What about you? What are some Lolita holidays you'd like to see? While you're at it, check out the links to some of the awesome posts that other members of the Lolita Blog Carnival made for this weeks' prompt below!

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