Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's in my Makeup Bag? (Lolita 52 Challenge)

I've always thought that I should be the last person to go to for makeup tips. I honestly don't wear makeup everyday; but when I do, I've received quite a few compliments (mostly on my eye makeup). When it comes to Lolita, though, makeup is something I find to be very, very important. It helps tie everything together, and good makeup can take a nice coordinate and make it great--while balancing out the more extravagant aspects of the fashion, as well!

I'd like to insert a note here: Do you HAVE to wear makeup in order to wear Lolita? Most definitely not! You do you. If that means going au naturale, all the more power to you. Rock it!

My makeup bag's main contents! I have a few things that aren't pictured here that I use only occasionally, or that I've run out of and haven't replaced just yet.

The items I use have been accumulated over a period of time, were received as gifts, freebies, and occasional makeup purchases. I've listed out the contents below!

Note: I've been on the move to an animal-testing free makeup supply; I'm still in transition and using up some products! I've marked all the items with this key for the status of the company:

(*) Certified cruelty-free/seeking cruelty-free status
(+) Test-free.
(#) Test-free except where required by law
(-) Does test
(?) Unsure, doubtfully test-free.

  • Makeup brush kit from XinYiZhui. (?) This was given to me years ago by my mother (I think I was fourteen or fifteen at the time?). It sat unused for a while, until I learned that the best way to apply makeup is usually with brushes, rather than the little stick applicators that come with them, haha. It's served me well since then, with the addition of a few dollar-store add-ons: an eyeshadow brush, an eyebrow comb/brush combo, and an angled brush that I use to do my lower lash line. I also have an eyelash curler (this one from Revlon) that I use daily, and to help blend my lashes with any false lashes that I might put on.
  • Hello Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation by benefit. (#) I own this in "I Love Me" Ivory, their lightest shade. I've only just gotten it, but so far, I do really like it! A good pressed powder foundation, and I'd definitely recommend it.
  • BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer BB Cream by Younique. (*) This is a great bb cream, which I use in place of foundation during the summer months. I usually don't even need to use concealer with it, either, which is really nice! It has great coverage, and a smooth finish.
  • Moodstruck Minerals Concealer by Younique. (*) Despite the name, this is actually a loose powder foundation. I tend to use pressed powder because it's less messy--but this is a lovely, light powder, and my go-to during hotter months, when pressed powder can look cakey.
  • Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders by Younique. (*) I have these in Corrupted (matte black), Curious (a champagne-like color), Devious (black with a shimmer), and Feisty (a shimmery silver). These work on their own as highly pigmented eyeshadows, or in combination with a number of other things--with clear lip gloss to make colored lip gloss, or with Younique's Rose Water to make eyeliner... I've heard you can even add it to nail polish.
  • Refreshed Rose Water by Younique. (*) When I use this in combination with my pigment powders, I can make eyeliners with them! It makes them a bit more flexible. If you have sensitive eyes, use caution--it can sting a bit if you open your eyes before it's completely dry!
  • Almay Complexion concealer. (#) A good, basic concealer. I've never had any issues with it, and I like the coverage. Nothing much else to say about it!
  • Ideal Moisture Day Lotion by L'Oreal Paris. (#) A no-nonsense lotion with 25 spf. I find that it does make me a little oily if I use it on bare skin, so I usually prep my face with an astringent first.
  • Lip balm by eos. (#) I love this lip balm. It's the perfect balance for my lips--hydrating without being waxy or too "wet", and with a very nice finish. I find that I can actually layer my lip stick over it, too, which is a bonus!
  • OrganicWear FakeOut Mascara by Physician's Formula. (+) I own it in Ultra Black. It's a beautifully dark black. The applicator is no-nonsense--no curve, no specially shaped tip or bells and whistles. Just the way I like it! It's easy to apply, doesn't flake, and makes for a firm but flexible hold.
  • Eyeshadow primer from e.l.f. (+) This was the first e.l.f. product I ever purchased; so far, while not finding it outstanding, I can at least say it does its job okay, and it's better than me putting eyeshadow on unprimed lids. I own it in the pearly color, which helps make my colors a bit bolder. I'll probably see about upgrading to a nicer one the next time I need an eyeshadow primer.
  • Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner by Estee Lauder. (#) This was a gift from my mother. I don't wear liquid eyeliner very often (I find it putzy because of my shaking hands, so I save it for special occasions), but when I do, this is a joy to have.
  • Eyeliner Pencil from Starlight. (?) I own this in black, or "total absence of light", as it says on the packaging. This was a gift from my cousin, who got it from an Ulta clearance. It's a bit harder than I would like, but doesn't smudge, and looks nice on.
  • Eyebrow pencil by Beautique. (?) A nice basic eyebrow pencil. It does smudge a bit, but when set in place with eyebrow gel, it works fine!
  • Perfect Arch Clear Brow Gel. (?) This helps set my brow makeup and keep it from smudging, while keeping those pesky hairs in line. No bells and whistles, does its job!
  • HiP Studio Secrets Metallic Eyeshadow Duo by L'Oreal Paris. (#) I own the duo in Platinum. I do love the silver and black color combo in this! It's nothing special, in terms of eye shadow. It does its job, and I love having my two main colors in one convenient little duo.
  • White eyeshadow palette by Maybelline New York. (#) My mother tossed this to me a while back because she had no use for it. Nothing special. Does its job. I use this on the inner corners of my cat eye to make my eyes appear bigger and brighter.
  • Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes by Younique. (*) I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. This is a Lolita's best friend, I swear to God. Ever feel like wearing falsies without having to go through with actually gluing them on? These are your new bestie. It uses a combo of a gel adhesive and fibres to lengthen your actual lashes, giving them the falsie look without the fuss. And it's easy enough to use everyday! I've found that once you've started to use them, you sometimes don't even need to apply the fibres themselves, because they get worked into the adhesive brush. Probably my #1 favorite product in my bag!

The post above was a response to the Lolita 52 Week Challenge made by the ever so delightful Caro over at FYeahLolita.

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